She is at rest
Overcome in the middle of some daily task
Head propped against a table
Hands full of something
And she sleeps

She is at peace
That gnawing hunger sleeps with her;
That frantic search to fill empty holes, that troubled sea,
is calm
And she is still

She is a child again
The hungry ghost is gone and she is safe
Sleep ambushed her, an unexpected kindness, a quiet mercy
No effort, no manipulation, no guard,
And she sleeps

Sleep will not last,
It will betray her and the thousand hungry voices will roar to life
That quiet mercy, that brief innocence, will flee
Storms will build, empty places burn,
and the child dies, again

How many deaths?

That old hunger will drive her to the next low place
That familiar gravity will pull her from the heights
And while her soul is crashed against the world’s hard places
She will yearn for a safe harbor
And the next quiet mercy