Vacations are important. They are especially important when you have a home based business… But more on that later. This week we took a little road trip for some much needed time off the farm. We took highway 5 through BC between Kamloops and Jasper and were reminded of just how close we live to one of our world’s most amazing and (relatively) unspoiled regions. In the little town of Clearwater, B.C., the gateway to the Wells Grey Provincial area, we found a really cool restaurant: The Hop ‘n Hog. This is authentic BBQ (apparently it’s Kansas-style BBQ- I have a lot to learn).
Restaurant experiences are, for us with three young kids, generally harried at best. You’ve probably seen us; we stagger in, tripping over each other to try to get one of the kids to the bathroom. We juggle menus and toys and at least one kid that has decided they can’t walk. There is usually one kid jumping in the booth, one spilling a drink, and one child-parent dyad in the bathroom at any given time. We eat as fast as possible, pay on the run, toilet everyone whether they need it or not, and leave a table behind that looks like a VitaMix exploded mid-smoothie.
When we drove up, we were still in various degrees of swimwear from an on-the-way beach excursion, and because of the more-upscale-than-A&W appearance of the place, we worried that we would be underdressed. What we found was a laid-back atmosphere, with friendly servers and a wide variety of patrons (in various states of attire). Much of the seating was out back on a covered patio, and there were a few log-style picnic tables on the lawn, too. The whole thing had a very logging/mountain theme, kind of like Montana’s, but more authentic and less cluttered. Classily rustic? From the wooden dishes and serving platters, to the unique beverage list, it was a really interesting place to check out. They had a single TV on, showing a video of local whitewater rafting.  
And then came the food. As you might have guessed, they specialize in meat. Specifically smoked meat. Mostly pork. And it was GREAT. Our shared platter came with 14hr slow cooked pork roast, pulled pork, pork ribs, half a chicken, cornbread, potato salad, and a green salad. Oh, and baked beans. Oh, and coleslaw. Umm, I think that was it. A feast for two that could have fed our whole family. Our only mistake was that we ordered a meal for the kids too…
We raise our own pork and chickens, and have therefore become pork and chicken snobs. I also BBQ with a Traeger. So I am a BBQ snob. I pride myself on my Traegered, homeraised chicken. I also make a mean pulled pork. This pork and chicken was amazing. I am still trying to figure out what they did to that chicken…
All that said, we wholeheartedly recommend the Hop ‘n Hog in Clearwater, BC. They host a locally brewed beverages night as well as live music nights. It would be the perfect end to a long day of outdoor exploration and adventure.

The cost of an entree will be between $20-35. Our platter was $50 and would easily feed three adults. Kids and frequent toileting are welcome.