Ten years. Ten years ago, a nervous, sweaty, barely-post-teenage-fella took the hand of the most beautiful, radiant young lady that he had ever seen, or has seen since. We stood at the front of a little country church and got married. Ten years later, and this sweaty, greying, thirty-something is still holding the hand of that gorgeous young lady. There are lots of other hands to hold now. There is radiance upon radiance as our love has spilled into the existence of three amazing rascals, and a whole kingdom of life and love and growth. Our house is full and our farmyard too. We have been through sickness and health, through stability and transition. Through moves and births and even a few deaths. Friends have come and gone, hobbies and ideas too. We are hardly the same people we were ten years ago, but we are still a team, we are still in love. Our zimzum is strong. I love you, Dani. Happy ten. Here’s to ten more.